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"I drink Vault like Sanji smokes"

At this point, nothing is friend-locked, so you don't have to worry about permissions. Still, it would be nice to know if people are indeed reading, and since I imagine many are like me in the lurking sense, watching helps me know if anyone cares. Reviews are ALWAYS loved, but I understand when it doesn't happen.
If you are interested in reading unfinished, still in the work pieces, and don't mind offering some advice and wading though early drafts that are sure to be awful, please either send me a note or leave a comment here saying something to that effect.

Other than early work, nothing else will be filtered, so you won't really be missing anything if you decline to do this.


Christmas Cards?

I''m hiding comments - if you would like a Christmas card, just leave me your address!


Don't be shy! Even if you've never commented, or if you randomly stumble past.
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Deductions and Magic

 Sherlock / HP Wizardry World

So when Mike Stamford came to his borrowed lab with another man, Sherlock didn't realize just how much the old school mate of his still had in interest at heart. Mike had been a mentor of sorts to him at Hogwarts. A Ravenclaw, like himself, but a year ahead of him. While Sherlock didn't exactly need the schooling help - Mike had been a quiet force to helping him navigate the social norms that he just couldn't fathom. "Bit different from my day." He was telling the stranger that trailed behind him, the heavy tap of his cane too loud in the still lab.

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Apr. 6th, 2012

last post before i disassemble my comp.

moving to Utah early next week.  Hopefully - this move will help kick-start the creativity.
At the very least - i'll be down to jsut one job for a whil - have some time to finally sleep ^^;

if you wanna know the new address - drop me a line!

where i've been

sorry! it's been a fast paced year this year...

I'm getting ready to move actually - most of my life is back in boxes. I'm out of my current place right after Sakura-Con

So, of course, that means i must go SHOPPING!


I think i found a frame for the Kansas LP unfolded - but i really like the inside art as well... I think I need to buy another one

Jan. 10th, 2012

She didn't know what to tell her mom, didn't want to really leave either, but sommething had changed, and there was a physical *yearning* to start walking. Not only to start moving, but to go south.

There was no haunting voice between her ears like with Castiel, but the feeling was still the same, and when she followed the pull one afternoon, wa;lig all the way to the end of the town, the buzzing warmth in her chest was so string, and when she turned away to head back home, the cold that took it's place was a physical hurt.

So. She left. A note of hte fridge expressing her love and her apologies for leaving suddenly.

The pull took her to St. Louis, Mo, and she stood in the dark nightlife of the city, watched over by the gargoles still gracing some roof tops. The wrong types smiled and called after her, but didn't follow. She stood under the highway bridge crossing the mississippi, and looked up the river to the arch and waited.

The pull drew closer, while she stood still, and she watched a man approch from the dark alleys, moving straight toward her. He was dark and ungly, but with the pales of blue haloing his head under the city lights.

"You seem a little far from home?" It was a question, and an unkind one at that, a monster fishing for a weekness.

But the oull was definatly comming from him, so clair stood her ground, letting the man wander intot he devil trap she'd drawn. It didn't stop him - but he grinned all the same, "Don't worry little girl - i'm no deamon..."

"There are worst monsters out there."

His grin, lighted by the blue arua, was hideous, adn he swtalked forward.

But something called her here, and Clare still had faith. She did not waver, even as hois mouth opened to rows of teach and a forked tounge.

"Stay yourself, beast." Called a voice, and he wiped around to where a young woman had joined them.

"What did you call me?"

"A beast. Unwilling to mind it's command, a mutt and a waste of energy."

This is what called Clair here - what had amplified that pull to something she could no longer ignore.

"You will regret - "

"No. I will not." In the matter of one blink to the next, she had moved to the man's side, force him to knee - her hand pressed to his forehead as he fell to her feet. "You where not told you where yet allowed in this world. Return to your confinds and pray that when it it stime, I will remeber you enough to let you free."

The lights went out, blocks and blocks, as the city was cast into a darkness so profound that the stars in heaven actaully could be seen by the naked eye.

The blue halo was all the light there was, showing the man's body ripple and contorl, faces and people washing in and out of existance, warring with each other.

They settled on a little boy with tan skin and dark hair, who looked upa t the woman with wide terrified eyes. "Castiel - you are shunned from this body. Retun to the vessel who has choosen to pity you." She said, adn the light bleed into the ground, recoiling and cowering around the woman to scurry under clair's feet. Her heart warmed, and she felt full of love, and she signed deeply. Still unfinished, but loved.

THe woman knelt now next to the boy, hands cupping the young face, voice soft, but demanding attention. "You will go back home. Your /Mama/ misses you terrible and has been filled with worry. You will forget all that you've witnessed, and alll the faces you've been. You will hear no more voices, and you will forget mine."

The boy nodded, and fled back into the darkness.

The pull was back, gentle and soft - ahrdly notiable - but the direction had changed, pulling back north. Not demanding yet. The woman stood , turning to regard her curiosy, green eyes vibrant and bright in the blacked-out city. "Claire Novack, the once chossen vessel of the angel Castiel."

"Yeah. And you?"

She smiles then, no feeling behind it, "I am The archangel Chamael. I am here to clean up Castiel's last great act of poor choice."

"He had soemthing to do with that ...boy?"

"He stole a great deal from me, and was foolish enough to think he was stong enough to weild it. His stupidity has unleshed a great hunger into this world. I have been allowed to leave my domain to come here and reclaim my property."

She - the claimed archangel - looked claire over. "You have allowed yourself to become sancurary to what is left of castiel's grace. Out of respect for your free will, i will allow him to continue existing at this time. PLease forgive me then, since i will have to refrain from any kind of physical contact with you. just a graze is enough for my power to erase him."

Guácharo - Intro

Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Pairing: Gen
Warning: I haven't decided yet when in the timeline this takes place.... Let's get though the hiatus and then maybe season 7.... I'm still struggling on where i want to have this in Leviathan world or not.

Disclaimer and Notes:First time crossposting on DW and LJ... *fingers-crossed* Since this is just an intro, i dont' want to give anything away yet but telling what the story is very loosely based off of.
The dog's breed was hard to pick.. I was almost going to go with an elkhound or bear dog from europe... but i know the akita breed better so i went with what i knew. Maybe, as it goes, you will disagree, but that what i went with. Title will be explained later on.

Sam still remembers that first day. Not the night before... But that following day.Collapse )

what the hell, LJ?

what is this ugly?

i mean.. really?


what the fuck....

Take Three

Take Three
Author: Sentra04
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters: Crowley, Castiel, Edgar, Dick, Meg, Sam, Dean, and some others?
Pairing: Gen?
Warning: Slight spoilers for season 7. If you dun know who the boss of the big bad is - or you' never watched dean eat/make love to a turducken - then dun read?
Disclaimer and Notes: I like this idea - i just can't write it to where i'm satisfied. Seriously.. this is like.. the third time? Posting at least. Got a few dozen in my notebook. I just need more black-eyed Dean. The array that is in here is one i designed for a completly different story... that is just like this, but never typed.

at least once ever few months - i write the same story.... ^^; sorryCollapse )

Nov. 25th, 2011

Christmas Cards?

I''m hiding comments - if you would like a Christmas card, just leave me your address!


Don't be shy! Even if you've never commented, or if you randomly stumble past.
If you want one, let me know!

-If you are opposed to "Christmas" cards, and would like a holiday/winter/ect card, please let me know