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*bolded fics are one's i recommend... the others are.. not so good..
 R | One-Shot? | May 2011
 Crowley's not the type to beg - he's more the run away to fight another day - but once backed into a corner - he's still not the kind of creature to roll over. He fights - dirty - and he's always come out ahead.
When at the end of the day - there's only so much you can sit back and take.
G | One-Shot | March 2011
He's so enraptured with the hot water, that he almost doesn't hear the door open.
Snippet of the Brothers
G | ABANDONED | Started March 2011
Roy stepped carefully, mindful of the game of tag being played though his kitchen.
AU Post-Apocalypse snippit

Rated G - PG | In-Progress | Started Jan. 2010
Winchester, Indiana 8 miles.
He shakes his head, slumping to rest his forehead on the wheel. "How about that Sammy...."

It's the end - and with the end comes a new beginning.

Rated: PG-13 | COMPLETE | posted November 2010
"I was the one who took up the knife. I was the one who let myself be Alastair's little whore." The smirk that followed nearly made Sam puke, "I was the one who enjoyed myself down there. I cut into all those souls - I devoured all those in pain and I loved it all."
Winchester's don't sit ideally by- they walk their own damn selves out of Hell. Just... sometimes they don't come back quite as right as is expected.

Rated: G | Hiatus | posted Aug. 2010
Mary propped her head up on the back of the kitchen chair, watching John's face darken slightly as he talked on the phone. He stood at the counter, heavy hand taking notes as the stranger of the other end talked over something serious with him.
The Winchester's have no children of their own. Due to a botched abortion five years ago - Mary Winchester was never bear her own child. So when John gets a phone call from a social worker in Massachusetts about the death of his second cousin - he and Mary find themselves taking in the woman's infant child.

Rated R/NC-17 | COMPLETE | posted Apr. 2010
The backseat belongs to Anna.
A drabble about Castiel and his musings on the Impala - that turned into porn.

Rated PG/13 | IN PROGRESS | started Mar. 2010
Things can always be so very much worse.
An exploration on how Anna originally fell, and the impact it might of made on the whole world, specifically a young Dean Winchester.

Rated R | IN PROGRESS | started Dec. 2009
Sam knows something is wrong with his family. He just didn't realize how wrong.
A dark tale of how a lost John delved into things he shouldn't of to try and fix his shattered life. Now, years after the fact, a troubled Sam starts to put the pieces together on unwrapping the horrible secrets about his quiet, tormented mother and discovers humans are still the scariest monsters of them all.


WIP Destiel

November 15, 2011

Destiel Sketch

November 15, 2011

September 10th, 2010
Doodle for BG fic

girl!dean WIP
September 8th, 2010
Trapped. Attempting to fix this might only hurt Dean

5.4 Cas
August 29, 2010 it is in the end

Young Dean
August 2nd, 2010
It's all in the attitude.

Castiel WIP
March 16, 2010
"Find me a blade that will make their blood run"

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